Your Chargeback Support


As a Merchant you can have your chargebacks faxed or mailed directly to us, so there is no response time wasted.  We will then respond to each chargeback, second chargeback, pre-arbitration and/or arbitration.  The fee is the same if we respond  once or several times.

Our services also include reaching out to the customer to investigate why the chargeback was filed, so we can collect data to report back to the merchant any improvements they can make to prevent future chargebacks. We also take the time to educate the consumer on the chargeback process in an effort to collect the fees paid by the merchant when the chargeback was filed. 

We can also provide auditing services for areas that could improve the Merchants risk against chargebacks.  Small efforts can  sometimes make big differences with the chargeback situation.  The audit can range from one day to  five days depending on the Merchants situation.

Please click on the link to view our Merchant Profile Form and Merchant contract. All prices subject to possible change after initial consultation and review of the Merchants account.